The Cell Culture Unit employs protocols of isolation and culture of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from patients and lymphocytes from animal spleen and lymphnodes. In addition, it applies protocols of animal multipotent stem cell and progenitor cell cultures of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and Bone Marrow Stromal Cells (BMSCs).

The Unit is equipped with:

1) Two CO2 incubators (RS Biotech, Galaxy R CO2 incubator και Forma scientific, Μοdel 311)

2) Laminar flow hood (FASTER BHA-48-M)

3) Freezer -20ºC (Candy, Freezer CTV110 Class N)

4) incubator -(Binder, Schutzart FD53#04-60166)

5) rotary incubator shaker (Edmund Buhler  SM30)

6) phase contrast microscope

7) digital camera Kodak DC290

8) flake ice maker (Fiocchetti)

9) high vacuum/high flow suction controller (Clements)

10) sterilizer (Keller, Steri 250)

11) electric strippetor (Costar)

12) Flask-carriage disks

13) table type pH meter (Hanna, HI8417)

14) magnetic stirrer (Velt Schientifica, ARE)

15) waterbath (Schutzart, WB10 Schutzart DIN 40050-IP20)

16) microwave oven (Perla)

17) shaker (Grand Boekel, VSR23)

18) autoclave (Prestige Medical, 2100 classic)

19) 2 refrigerators (4ºC)

20) UV handlamp (Kruss)

21) Microplate reader Vmax (Hellamco) and software package (Software Vmax microplate reader)

22) Electrical shaker (IKA-WERKE, MTS 2/4 digital)

23) Microplate washer (Biotek, ELx405)