Welcome to the web site of the Laboratory of Experimental Neurology and Neuroimmunology (ENNI Lab) of the B’ Department of Neurology, AHEPA University Hospital, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

The ENNI Lab was established on its current form and purpose on 1999 and is considered a physical continous of the Laboratory of Experimental Neurology, which was founded on 1973 by Professor I. Logothetis (1st director of the B’ Dept. of Neurology) under the auspice of the late Professor G. Karoutas. The ENNI Lab is focused on the neuroimmunological processes during diseases of the Nervous System. The ENNI Lab is functionally interconnected to the Outpatient Clinical Office of Multiple Sclerosis and Demyelinating Disorders of the B’ Department of Neurology.

The ENNI Lab is composed by 7 functional and structural distinct Research Units.

The activities of the ENNI Lab are comprised of:

1. Research activities

2. Educational activities

3. Specialized clinical laboratory tests, covering the needs of the hospitalized as well as the outpatient office patients.

The ENNI Lab is staffed by Research Fellows (of Medical and Biological Science), Technicians, Master and PhD Students as well as 1 administrative employee.

The Lab during the last years has developed collaborations with research centers and Laboratories in Greece and Europe participating into common Research Programms.

The Lab is funded through National and European Community Research Programms and Sponsorships through the Research Committee (RC) of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The Head of the ENNI Lab,

Nikolaos Grigoriadis, MD, PhD

Professor of Neurology